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Just released : New album "Learning to Forget" (Nov. 2013) Listen/DL on Bandcamp , download here on site.

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All SOJS albums are now available for download on Bandcamp as well as here in the download section. Albums are free to download but listed as name your price for those of you who can help by donating. You can also donate here in the download section. It does help !!

New YouTube channel is up featuring some great videos I found on YT using the SOJS music. Subscribe, comment , enjoy and share !

Listen and download the last release, A Quiet Light . Albums are available in 128,192 or 320kbs mp3 format and FLAC lossless.


Somewhere off Jazz Street
Other Stuff
7.10.12 ... New pieces, Maybe Tomorrow, Linger, A Place You Know and Broken Lock. Free Download  >>>>>>>>>>

5.23.12 ... Added some tracks to the Unreleased Tracks page.

2.2.11 .... Free Music4All website and Free Music4All Facebook page. Free creative commons music. Good stuff, check it out.

1.1.11 .... Happy New Year to all. New music coming soon.

10.13.10 .... Fly in Unreleased Tracks section.

3.30.10 .... 2010 release Whispers of Empty Spaces I & II, check it out here

2.16.10 .... 320kb version of the 2007 album Stories from Midnight Streets now available for download. It's here , it's free. Enjoy.

1.19.10 .... My electronic orchestral noise album/project Clamour Head, featured on one of my favorite free music sites Free Music 4 All

9.13.09 .... New jazz piano trio album Should Have Shut My Mouth from my Jazz Street Trio project .

9.7.09 ... A nice review of Beyond This from the Post Rock Community blog. Check out their site, they have lots of album reviews and links to some good stuff.

7.27.09 .... Beyond This , available in 128,192 and 320 Kbps MP3 and also FLAC lossless.

6.4.09 ..... Check out some very cool photo art from a friend of Jazz Sreet   RoCoART

5.26.09 ..... Light Catches Diamonds is a piece by poet and artist Brenda Clews that uses my piano trio song Go Away Blues as background. Have a listen here and be sure to check out her paintings and drawings too !

3.20.09 ...... A couple of my songs were used in the latest episode "Cry Wolf", from 19 Nocturne Boulevard, a Twilight Zone kind of audio drama series produced by writer, actor Julie Hoverson. Have a listen here and be sure to check out the website, 19 Nocturne Boulevard

2.23.09 ..... Kiersty Boon is a performance artist and writer who has used a few of my pieces in her recent work. Have a listen and hear her AMAZING voice and spoken word pieces. Kiersty Boon

2.22.09 ..... Big Thanks to WSUW 91.7 FM for playing my music on their recent Jazz show. Check out their blog Freeloader Radio or you can find em on MySpace

1.04.09 ...... My jazz piano trio project, Jazz Street Trio, has a brand new album and a new section on the website. Listen and download the trio music at

12.17.08 ...... Just got a nice write up from the folks at Free Albums Galore . Be sure to check out their blog which is full of new and free music finds. You can find the SOJS write up here .

10.13.08 ..... A couple of my songs were used in a short film by Canadian film maker Murray Smith. You can watch the film online, it's called "Last Night in Noir"

2.14.08 ...... New SOJS version of the standard My Funny Valentine. Download it for free in the Jazz Street Store.

7.2.07 ..... Another new release "Greeetings from the End".  Part jazz, part movie soundtrack, part electronica. Have a listen here.

2.01.07 .....Thanks to Renato for playing my song Acceptance on his latest podcast. Please check out his great jazz podcast  Night Passage

1.15.07.......Stories from Midnight Streets CD release. 11 brand new electronic jazz pieces.

11.06.06 .......You can find Somewhere off Jazz Street and lots of other cool things in the autumn issue of the Philadelphia Online Arts Journal  HiNgE

10.07.06 ..... big THANKS to Patrick at break thru radio for playing Desolation Blues on his new jazz radio show  The Jazz Hole.  He plays some great stuff on the edges of jazz.

9.12.06...... Thanks to  Robkast Radio  for playing the just finished Maestross-Jazz Street tune Sixties on his podcast.

8.9.06......I have been working on a few pieces with an amazing bulagrian composer Maestross . you can hear his great music at and check out  Podcast 12 to hear the new piece an American and a Bulgarian.

8.5.06...... SOJS has been added to the podcast of austrian musician Markus Pitzer known as Dreamweaver. you can hear his beautiful electronic music and the podcast at  Dreamweaver


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